English Version:

Bird Dog Club® (English)
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This is a working example of the ENGLISH version of our most popular Bird Dog Club® program. It is a functional site that includes all portions of the program. The header and footer will be tailored to your store, using the logos that you provide.

Before you begin the DEMO write down the following information.

To logon to the Administration portion of the demo site, use the following:

Username: username1
Password: password1

To view the Sales Tool portion of the program, simply click on the button at the bottom of the intro page labeled:

Start Hunting Button 

Note: where ever you see the words YOUR DEALER NAME GOES HERE...that is where your dealer name will appear, of course. You can try out the registration part of the site. However, the demo will try to send a confirmation email to a recipient that does not exist.  Therefore, you will receive a mail send error in your email box shortly after trying.

Other Versions:


Clients...just to name a few (250 and growing)