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Why Bird Dog?

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Satisfied customers can do more for a product or service than any other measure of advertising. In the hunting world, a bird dog finds a covey of birds and flushes it out, allowing the hunter a clear shot. When the hunt is over, the bird dog returns with birds for the hunter. The same process applies in the car business, too.

For years, satisfied customers have been sending their friends and family to purchase vehicles or other products from their favorite salesperson. Some customers even follow their salesperson from dealership to dealership, preferring to deal with someone they know and trust. The Bird Dog Club® is a creation that capitalizes on this special business relationship.

How does it work?

Here is how it works: registered bird dogs (customers) hunt for birds (referrals) and then bring them back to the hunter (salesperson). Then, the bird dogs are rewarded with bones (money) with a successful sale of a vehicle to the bird.

Customers who wish to be bird dogs must first receive training to learn the rules of the game. This can be done at the dealership or at the dealership's bird dog club website. Bird dogs are issued a "dog tag" ID number so that the dealership can track their progress. The most exciting part of the club is the pay scale. The more birds a bird dog retrieves, the more money they earn.

Starting at $100, or whatever level the dealership chooses to begin, the pay scale is tracked on an annual basis to give the bird dogs an entire year to hunt the coveted top referral reward.

Our Staff:


Courtney Phillips

Courtney Phillips (General Manager)
:  has been around the Automotive industry all her life, growing up in a automotive family.  She has been in the unique position of being a Bird Dog Club® manager in the dealership, and then as a salesperson, who used the referral program on a daily basis. She brings this great experience with her, as a product specialist, and we are fortunate to have her.

As a salesperson, she attributed 28% of her sales to her Bird Dog Club®.  She loved the communication tools included in the program, and a sold customer never left her office without being offered the opportunity to "Earn Extra Cash" with her Bird Dog Club®. Courtney found her referral customers to be more relaxed, and ready to buy, when they were sent in by a friend or relative. 

Courtney looks forward to assisting you in the growth, tracking and managing your referral sales.  She says, "Experience shows me this is the best tool for a dealership to have."

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